Amanda Knox Trial

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Amanda Knox was an American exchange student from University of Washington, Seattle in Perugia, Italy. She was convicted guilty on the counts of murder and sexual assault of her British roommate, Meredith Kercher, on December 4th, 2009 (Ollofson, n.pag). The Italian court that comprised of two judges and six jurors, came to a verdict that Amanda Knox was guilty and sentenced her to twenty-six years in Italian prison (Associated Press, n.pag). Many of the United States supporters of Knox were highly upset that the U.S. Embassy did not get involved in the ruling of this case. Also, considering the fact that she was an exchange student, many Americans viewed her as innocent and supported her mainly because she was a natural born U.S. citizen. Since not everyone is well acquainted with foreign laws, arguing that the U.S. Embassy should get involved with the case might seem a little irrational. I argue that it was best for the U.S. Embassy not to get involved with the Italian Law.

Amanda Knox’s story started with her getting accepted to the University of Washington, Seattle, to major in linguistics, which she planned to attend in the fall of 2005. During her college years, Knox worked multiple jobs in order to contribute to her $10,000 tuition fee that she had to pay in order to be a part of the study abroad program in Perugia, Italy during both semesters of her junior year in college. The study abroad program took place at the University of Foreigners. The students that attended the university were all foreign exchange or study abroad students, including Knox’s British roommate, Meredith Kercher. Another student that was involved in this case was Raffaele Sollecito, an Italian student that Amanda met at a concert of classical music in mid-October, 2007. Sollecito soon became her boyfriend (Ollofson, n.pag). When Knox and Sollecito were questioned on what they did on the night of murder, they said, “We watched a movie, smoked marijuana and had sex at Raffaele’s apartment, but we were not anywhere near the house” (Ollofson, n.pag). However, Knox’s prosecutors stated that she was “A promiscuous party girl who stabbed Kercher to death in a rage after the British 21-year-old refused to take part in a sex game with Knox and Sollecito and was sexually assaulted by a third accomplice, Rudy Hermann Guede.” (Ollofson, n.pag). They believe that the two main pieces of physical evidence against Knox and Sollecito were small traces of Knox’s DNA on the knife and on Kercher’s bra clasp. Meanwhile, Knox pleaded not guilty and in her final statement said, “I’m no murderer. I am scared of being branded what I am not” (Associated Press, n.pag). Speculations were made by many American citizens, claiming that since Amanda Knox was not an Italian born citizen, the Italian Supreme Court of Appeal was much more hostile towards the ruling of Knox’s case. Also, many people stated that the Italian prosecutors suspected Knox and Sollecito to be the convicted murderers because it was a complicated case; and they did not want to spend time finding the alleged killer, when they had perfect alibi for the roommate and her boyfriend. (Iberpress/Caters, n.pag) Nonetheless, according to the Italian law, “Whoever causes death of another human being, is sentenced to nothing less than twenty one years of imprisonment” (Italian Law, n.pag). In comparison to the American/Washington legislature, where “Any person convicted of the crime of aggravated first degree murder, shall be sentenced to life imprisonment, without possibility of release or parole” (American Law, n.pag). Clearly, the consequences differ a great deal. Not to mention the fact that Amanda Knox was able to appeal the verdict of her case, ruled by two judges that took part in the trial. As I stated earlier in the paper, many of the United States supporters of Knox were highly upset that the U.S. Embassy did not get involved in the ruling of this case. One of the factors that contributed to...
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