Analyse the techniques used in a music video of Robbie Williams- Rock DJ, directed by Vaughan Arnell

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  • Published : November 14, 2013
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Analyse the techniques used in a music video of Robbie Williams- Rock DJ, directed by Vaughan Arnell.

Rock DJ, directed by Vaughan Arnell, was Robbie Williams’s first come-back video after been in rehabilitation. In this Video Arnell uses various techniques, camera angles and shots to show the lengths artists will go for fame and fortune represented by the DJ.

Rock DJ has been banned from television due to the Cannibalistic scenes which ironically gave the video more attention and won several important awards, one of witch was “Best Video” MTV’s Music Awards in 2000. In the video, the characters represent the journey and the cost of fame. The DJ represents the fame and fortune; the Skater girls- the media and Williams as the artist.

The dress code of the characters set the atmosphere and tone to the song. The DJ dresses in all black- giving a fashionable sexy vibe, the skaters dress in four different cliques and Williams dresses simply in a white vest, black jeans and as seen later in the video black briefs with a tiger head on it, this gives a impression of Williams wild side. The muted colours are uses as a under current witch sets the atmosphere.

In the video Arnell uses a high angle shot of Williams rising through a hole in the stage and winks at the audience. Williams has a “cheeky” humorous reputation prior to entering rehabilitation, this suggests he want the audience to see that he remains the same character as before. Then he rises up through to hole to take centre stage, suggesting he has returned and wishes to be centre of attention. After, a close up shot is used to showing a remote control which says “Robbie” on one button and “More Robbie” on another. This suggests that the true artist is controlled by their desire of for fame. As in the video the DJ represents fame, demonstrated by Williams quest to gain her attention, it is the DJ or fame who presses the button to allow Williams onto the stage. Next the director uses...
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