Analysis of Diving into the Wreck

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November 15th
Analysis of “Diving into the Wreck”

1. “First having read the book of myths”, line one. The book of myth is perhaps all one has learned in life, through life lessons and failures. 2. “And loaded the camera”, line two. The camera represents memories, and dreams, that one carries trough out life. 3. “And checked the edge of the knife-blade”, line three. This line represents the inner animal that all people have in them. 4. “There is a ladder, the ladders is always there, hanging innocently”, line thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. Rich bring in the ladder to represent the steps to take to get to know one self. In line fifteen the ladder almost become alive, when Rich uses figurative language “hanging innocently”, to add personification. 5. “I crawl like an insect down the ladder”, line thirty. Rich uses simile to indicate how it is so hard to go through life and the many obstacle one has to overcome in order to succeed. 6. “And there is no one, to tell me when the ocean will begin”, line thirty one-thirty three. This lines metaphor how sometimes people are blinded and cannot see the truth in their inner self. 7. “I came to explore the wreck”, line fifty two. This line represents human suffering though tragedy. 8. “And I am here, the mermaid whose dark hair”, line seventy two. This symbolizes the encounter between humans and ocean. 9. “We are the half-destroyed instruments”, line eighty three. Metaphor use by Rich, to represent how all things under water decay. Similarly, as people age they lose their sense of purpose. 10. “Whose drowned face sleeps with open eyes”, line seventy eight. This line represents human suffering or an event so vivid that remains in ones memories.
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