Analysis (Week 5)

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  • Published : May 2, 2014
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Week 5 Analysis

The topic of free will/predestination has been a much debated subject throughout the history. It seems there are many viewpoints, and this seems to be a subject that people will continue to debate. Predeterminism is used by philosophers to account for some of the choices and actions that cause or create the effects of causal sequences; these sequences raise questions about the freedom of the choices and actions. Predeterminists believe our decisions are controlled by previous exposure to differing situations and environments and that each and every one of our actions is caused by a specific prior action or cause. In the belief of predeterminism, man is no exception to this rule and therefore we are not "free" due to our actions being a result of a previous cause. If we are to dispute that this in fact is true, than we as human beings cannot be held responsible for our actions, as we have no control over them, they are automatic. However this is not the case, when a human commits an act, they are held responsible for their actions because unlike animals, humans can choose their actions, how to live, or where to live. Most people tend to believe that all events or occurrences have a basis instead of just simply happening, if we get up in the morning, and go out to leave for work and the car does not start, even if we are not able to determine why the car no longer starts, we do not simply accept the idea that the car simply stopped working for no reason. Whether the car won’t start, the TV no longer works or the window won’t close, each has a cause. This same philosophy can be said with people, every action that is said or done has a cause. The ongoing argument regarding whether or not free will in fact exists is one that has implications relating to the nature of humanity's role in the world. If you believe in one, all powerful God like in most Christian/Catholic/Jewish belief systems, then it is reasonable to say that God knows...