Ash Experiment

Topics: Classical conditioning, Psychology, Conformity Pages: 3 (960 words) Published: March 4, 2014
McDonald’s Commercial

In this advertisement, we see LeBron James coming with a McDonald’s bag to the basketball court. Dwight Howard, who is already playing basketball, asks him what’s in the bag. Dwight tells him he has a big mac and fries. Dwight asks LeBron to bet his lunch and he agrees to have a slam dunk competition. Dwight won but suddenly Larry Bird appears and takes the McDonald’s bag. This advertisement’s target audience is young athletes, mainly basketball players, because they show their inspiration (LeBron James, Dwight Howard, and Larry Bird). They are trying to sell burgers in this commercial, therefore the neutral stimulus is the burgers. Their unconditioned stimuli are LeBron James, Dwight Howard, and Larry Bird because when you see them, you associate them to be champions or winners, so the unconditioned response is “being a champion.” When you see them fighting over the big mac you think that McDonald’s (the conditioned stimulus) is winners’ fuel, which after watching all the ads over and over, the conditioned response is “being a winner.” Asch, the psychology study, demonstrate that sometimes people conforms to the responses of a unanimous majority even when this majority seems to be wrong. For this study Asch showed groups of people two cards, one of them had a line, called standard line, and the other card had 3 more lines then the participants had to select which line of the second card was the same height of the line in the first card. The majority of members of each group were confederates and had to answer wrong to see how the minority would answer. Asch found out that about 30% of the minority conformed to the majority, conformity was strongest when the majority made a unanimous decision. Asch conformity studies have been repeated with a variety of variables all around the world over the past half century but the results have been inconsistent across studies. One of the...
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