Asian Perspective Philippine Experience:

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  • Published : July 28, 2013
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Asian Perspective Philippine Experience:

The economy of a society is very much connected to the environment and the culture it has. Pateros is one municipality in the Philippines which we can say that poverty prevails, and there are a lot of factors which affects its sustainability as a community. The town became the focus of the study to further understand the Philippines as a whole, on how the traditions, beliefs, customs, and values of the people affect the economic activities and economic progress of the society. The study focused on the on the Ecology-Based and Market-Based community which Pateros had during the earlier years and the present. The town was once a prosperous town because they have the ecology-based system where in there is balance between the different aspects of the society. They have rich resources in their environment, for the town has rich agricultural land giving them enough sources of income or livelihood for the families. The livestock they have make them depend much on their natural environment in terms of food and source of living. They had enough food and other needs, which based on the study, are free flowing goods with their religious norms and the presence of good relationship of the families and as well as the whole community. I believe that their fear of God and the developed good norms with in their community, also created the spirit of generosity among them, sharing the resources they have to provide needs for each other. This is a very good system of community because they do not need much of capital to be able to have businesses for their livelihood or source of living. Since there were no industrial materials and other industrialized capital goods in the area, the whole Pateros was then environmental and still preserving their natural resources which is very suitable to their kind of living and their interests.

Time passed and urban developments started in areas around...
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