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Topics: Indigenous peoples, Poetry, Indigenous Australians Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: May 3, 2015
 Baylee’s speech

For many centuries the indigenous people both past and present of our land have been persecuted, robbed of their culture and identity, creed, language and in far many cases their lives. This human experience is portrayed in literary text, poems and movies forced to expose a savage and cruel part of our history of the prior owners of the land we destroyed and ruined.

In the poem “The and Now” the author Kath walker constructed and portrayed the life of the aboriginals around the 1700 period and what it was like to be an aboriginal at that time. The author has given a great enlightenment and insight about the aboriginals and their struggles with their cultural identity during their life. “No more boomerangs” engage the reader with its constant use of rhyming with the enchanting story line about the aboriginals. Kath walker constituted a magnificent piece of art work which has the use of language features and text structures to make it an absolute superior poem above the rest and gives you the experience about the aboriginals.

The author has used very effective language devices and emphasizes changes in the aboriginal’s lives through the use of various literary devices such as metaphors, similes and symbolism. Some of the metaphors include 'white fella Bunyip' is used to further illustrate and explain and add emphasis to try evoke different emotions and feelings within you and “call him red” is talking about the old stories that are taught to children are being replaced by fears of politics. One of the similes are “work like a nigger” this is meaning that the aboriginals had to work extremely hard in order to get the some slandered as the whites. The title “no more boomerang” is symbolised for “no more boomerang” no more culture. This title refers to getting rid of the boomerang which is the symbol for they can no longer live a normal life like they once knew and say good bye to everything they once had. All of these language...
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