Business studies Unit 2 P3

Topics: Need, Customer, Customer service Pages: 3 (763 words) Published: November 3, 2013
Software licenses:
They need these licenses by the software because they can be very useful in displaying and processing software. This software can help to manage staff and accounts on excel or design and print posters on word. Buildings and facilities:

Any business will need premises from where it can operate. This is the building and everything it possesses and will need to contain to meet regulations and for store function. This includes; toilets, staff restrooms, child care provision, a warehouse for overs stock and the general shop floor area where customers can view and test current product ranges.

Copyright and Patent:
Is can be difficult for businesses such as Homebase to protect technological resources. Legislation can help to protect these resources. In Homebase they can protect new design ideas for kitchens.

Tills, Checkouts and Information Desk:
There will have to be manned checkouts so that employees can process transactions. This is where the capital is collected and the revenue of the company is built. The Information desk is where we handle all the customer issues in store and transact refunds.

Homebase have their own radio station that they play throughout the stores, this is suppose to keep customers happier in their stores and create a nicer atmosphere whilst they are shopping.

Warehouse Shelves and Racking:
As one of the biggest stores with some high demand and large in size products, there needs to be enough space for all the overs stock.

Experience and Skills:
Homebase have a training system that employees can view online and learn about the current projects and ranges. This knowledge is know as a technological resource.

In-store layout:
Shelves and display stands are essential on displaying and promoting products. This sets the look for the store.

Intellectual Property:
Homebase have a system for drawing and designing kitchens and bathrooms with is vital to show customer how...
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