Causes of Anger

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  • Published : March 24, 2014
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Causes of Anger
Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis: Failure to obtain a desired or expected goal leads to aggressive behavior -Frustration may lead to anger but anger does not necessarily lead to aggression -We feel most angry when we interpret the irritating or unjust actions of others to be intentional Factors of Anger and Aggression

-Violent acts, even in a person with a history of them, are sporadic and situation-dependent. There is no relationship between violence and low self-esteem Factors that have been linked to violent tendencies are:

- Childhood physical abuse
- Having witnessed violence between one’s parents
- Use of alcohol or drugs
- History of impulsive/violent acts
- Brain abnormalities or trauma
Individuals Differences in Anger and Aggression
-Lack of remorse after hurting someone
- Weaker than average level of physiological response to arousal - Smaller than average prefrontal cortex
- History of suicide attempts
Sexual Violence
Rape: Defined as sexual contact obtained through violence, or coercion -The continuum ranges from forcible rape to a refusal to respect ambiguous resistance -Most perpetrators of sexual violence have a history of hostility and aggression Violence is most likely to occur between people who know each other well Women are just as violent as men statistically

Controlling Violence
-Harsh punishments don’t work
-It is more effective to teach people how to access their needs and desires or handle their frustrations in social ways Positive Psychology
People who are happy perceive the world as being safer and live healthier, more energized, and more satisfied lives; genetics
They are able to make decisions easily, are more cooperative, and rate job applicants more favorably Autonomy
Subjective well-being: The self- perceived feeling of happiness within life Students who value love more than money report higher life satisfaction Wealth and well-being
Many people in the West believe that if they...