Compare the Activities of Two Civil Rights Activists, One from Australia and One from the Us?

Topics: African American, Indigenous Australians, Black people Pages: 4 (1203 words) Published: September 5, 2013
Compare the activities of two civil rights activists, one from Australia and one from the US? The two civil rights activists, Martin Luther King from America and Pearl Gibbs from Australia, both hoped to achieve the same thing; racial equality. Martin Luther King and Pearl Gibbs both had similar experiences that motivated them to fight for what is right. They each took action to achieve their goals. Both Martin Luther King and Pearl Gibbs were recognised for how well they changed society and stopped the unfair treatment of black people and Aboriginals. Martin Luther King and Pearl Gibbs were both well-known civil rights activists who each had similar motivations to stop discrimination. Martin Luther King’s motivation to stop discrimination against black people came from him personally witnessing and experiencing discrimination towards his own race. Martin Luther King attended segregated schools for all of his schooling life. This made him notice the unfair treatment of black people in America. From his own personal experience he knew that just because people had black skin they were treated like they were not intelligent and not worthy of becoming anything else but second classed citizens. Martin Luther King believed that everyone had the right to be treated fairly and all given the same opportunities in life. Similarly to Martin Luther King, Pearl Gibbs grew up in a segregated school and was told, ‘Sorry, no blacks allowed,’ in one school. When she was 16 years old, she started working. While she worked she met some Aboriginal people who had been taken from their families and had been sent to work for white households. The Aboriginal people had been treated poorly. Pearl Gibbs was forced to move and live in an Unemployed Workers Camp where she noticed that there were only Aboriginal people being forced to work. This was her first experience of racial discrimination and she wished to change the ways of society’s civil rights, as did Martin Luther King. The...
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