Consumer's Perception of a Brand Image Incredibly Relevant

Topics: Microsoft, Perception, Atmosphere Pages: 4 (1306 words) Published: June 3, 2013
Consumer’s perception of a brand image such as Microsoft is incredibly relevant in terms of a positive perception on a brand leads on to a positive perception of a product and therefore, Microsoft can successful market to students. Currently consumers’ main perception on Windows 8 directly correlates to their perception on Microsoft, and at the moment it is not as strong as their competitors’ brand perception and culture. Microsoft has to successfully alter their perception to not only be a positive perception, but a perception of Microsoft that is superior to competitors such as Apple and Google. Microsoft has to convince consumers that the switching costs, (discussed by Burnham, Frels and Mahajan (2003)) of moving from Apple to Windows 8 are worth it. Burnham, Frels and Mahajan (2003) discuss the importance of not just economic switching costs but the costs of social and knowledge switching costs. That’s why its importance through marketing, Microsoft not only appeals to students but also educates them on the ways of Windows 8. The interactive factor of hosting a university event will allow students to sample and play with Windows 8 for free and to get the feel of the tangible product. The education and chance to trial Windows 8 can positively influence their perception on Microsoft. Kotler (1974) emphasizes the importance of not only a great tangible product but to create a culture around the brand and product through atmospherics. In the past Microsoft did have a strong and positive perception within the mass market not just students, however this has declined considerably due to external factors such as the entry of competitors. Currently the tie between Microsoft and their products are not defined as clearly as it should be. Products like Windows 8 and Microsoft should be synonymous with the brand Microsoft; you should be able to immediately think of those products when it comes to Microsoft. However this is not the case, this is...
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