Dawn Riley at America True

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  • Published : November 10, 2013
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To: Dawn Riley
From: Ryan Busch Consulting Firm
CC: John Cutler, David Barnes
Date: 3/15/13

Upon reviewing America True’s current condition, we suggest a few steps to help better the company. The suggested steps we recommend are: redefine the company’s organization structure(Acuff , 1997), converse clearly and effectively between departments, and establish the necessary money needed.

The current operating company of the status is not working. Dawn, there are two options for you: either take a full-time job as CEO or a full-time job as a crew member. Conversing between the two results in confusion for the rest of the crew. You have unique abilities as an external leader to handle a heavy workload and oversee the “whole.” (Druskat & Wheeler, 2004) Therefore, we suggest you take the job as CEO full-time.

In order to operate the best boat possible, the design team and the sail team must work seamlessly. Directly conversing from the sail team to the design team is not a good approach. Members from the opposite team do not always understand the concern for a new design or procedure. We suggest implementing a “mediator” that is able to converse between the two teams. Like any job, this “mediator” should have experience in both sailing and designing so he/she is able to converse effectively.

America True continues to have trouble raising enough money t6o complete its desired operations. First of all, the team needs to decide whether or not they will make changes to Tag. If it is decided that changes need to be made we suggest seeking out appropriate sponsors, and a balance of sponsorship types—small and large (Raising of Corporate Sponsorship, 2012). Before seeking out sponsors, the design of Tag and the main racing boat need to be agreed upon so American True can easily and effectively market the boat to the sponsors.

There also seems to be an issue between male and female employees. If American true wants to run its boat at an optimum level, hire either...