Definition of Gender Identity

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  • Published : June 22, 2009
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Gender Identity is defined as the psychological awareness or sense of being male or female. Axia College Week Two reading Gender Identity and Gender Roles, (2009). Within the scope of gender identity are various types of anatomic and psychological conditions in which an individual experiences either during development in the womb or after birth.

Sex assignment occurs at birth. Sex assignment or gender assignment is when the child’s anatomic sex is revealed at the time of birth. Children as young as 18 months are aware of their gender. At the age of about 36 months, a child may have a sense of gender identity. In most cases, gender identity is consistent with the chromosomal sex meaning that the child acts like a boy or girl based upon their chromosomal make up. Whether or not gender identity is determined biologically has been argued. The nature versus nurture issue involves the argument that a child can be raised as the opposite sex even if they possess the anatomical make up of the opposite gender. Does biology guarantee the gender identity of a child, or are their other contributing factors? It is hard to say either way.

Although rare, hermaphrodites are individuals who possess are born with ovarian and testicular tissues. Axia College Week Two reading Gender Identity and Gender Roles, (2009). True hermaphrodites have both a testicle and an ovary, or gonads that combine both. Because hermaphrodites have both female and male genitalia, at birth they are assigned and raised as the sex whose anatomy is more dominant, i.e. is the penis is more developed than the vagina or vice versa..

More commonly than hermaphrodites are intersexuals which have an occurrence of about 1 in 1,000 babies. Axia College Week Two reading Gender Identity and Gender Roles, (2009). Intersexualism occurs as a result of prenatal hormone errors. Intersexuals’ external genitalia and internal anatomy are ambiguous or they resemble the opposite sex. In contrast to...
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