Discrimination in Workplace

Topics: Discrimination, Employment, Racism Pages: 2 (388 words) Published: October 14, 2014
What is it?
Discrimination means treating some people differently from others. Discrimination happens when an employer treats one employee less favorably than others. It isn't always unlawful. However, there are certain reasons for which your employer can't discriminate against you by law. Types of discrimination: people can be discriminated based on many things like the following: Race / Color: skin color, hair texture, or facial features. Religion: Muslim, Jewish … etc.

National Origin: Country, ethnicity, or accent.
Disability: Deaf people, blind people and any other disability. Gender
Retaliation: Revenge.
The effects of discrimination: Discrimination in the workplace can have devastating consequences on the offender and the victim like: •Decreased Employee Productivity
When an employee is discriminated against, he often feels helpless and anxiety-ridden, and may suddenly lack interest in job responsibilities. •Disgruntled Employees
Getting unfairly passed up for promotions based on gender orientation can lead to frustration and anger. •Low Morale
Employee Conflict
Workplace discrimination can fuel jealousy and pit employees against one another if they feel they aren't judged solely on their merits and accomplishments. Workplace discrimination not only hurts those who are discriminated against, it can also damage the entire organization. How should discrimination in workplace dealt with: There a lot of things that can be done and here are some of them: •As an employee you can:

1.Read workplace policies and make sure you understand them. 2.Request that a formal complaints process be put in place. 3.Ask for policies to be displayed at work.
As an employer you can:
1.Develop a clear written workplace policy stating that discrimination is not tolerated. 2.Give every staff member a copy of the policy and ask them to sign to say they have received and read it. 3.Discuss your policy at staff...
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