Do Females Have a Negative Outlook Towards Model-Makers?

Topics: Male, Gender, Female Pages: 4 (1290 words) Published: June 16, 2013
Name: Ang Yang Shen
Group: SE7
Student ID: 1301G22418
Topic: Do females have a negative outlook towards model-makers? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Introduction
Stereotype is known as a fixed belief, or an over-generalized belief about a particular group or class of people. Stereotype is a very common issue just because of how wide the media can spread. The research question of the study is "Do females have a negative outlook towards model-makers?". The hypothesis of this study is that girls have a more negative impression towards model-makers. The variables of this particular study would be the gender on the independent variable and the stereotype towards model-makers to be the dependent variable. The reason why the hypothesis of the study is chosen is because it is very common to see girls discriminating 'nerdy' opposite genders, meaning to be in crazed of books, video games and also a non-sporty hobby such as model-making. Model-making is categorized by them as 'nerdy' because of the models are usually sculptures of anime characters, cartoon characters and also superheroes. They do not find these individuals artistic as they associated these characters as a sign of being a nerd. Media also plays a big role of this stereotypical behavior. They poorly portrayed the image of being fond to anime and cartoon characters are usually disfigured or overweight. Not only that, the conversations between the two would be highly uninteresting as model-makers tend to spend a lot of time on their work instead of socializing. The hobby of model-making usually applies to males, meaning the two would have different hobbies making it harder to connect and bond. Also, females have the tendency to be jealous of the males being too fond of the models instead of paying more attention to them. The aim of this study is to prove the existence of this stereotype by distributing surveys to females aged around...
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