Elements of a Good Resource

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  • Published : June 21, 2009
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Elements of an Acceptable Resource
This paper will focus on the criteria resources must meet to be determined acceptable and valid. Three processes for validating resources will be discussed in this analysis. Resources cited in papers, articles, and presentations must meet specific criteria prior to being deemed acceptable. Verifying the validity of the information is essential to ensure one is not repeating inaccuracies. Moreover, four resources to be used in the Team C paper will be evaluated to determine if whether they meet these criteria.

Gathering reference material is essential in completing research and writing. One way for a researcher to determine if whether the resource is valid is to check the information for credibility, accuracy, reasonableness, and support (CARS). The CARS checklist gives specific guidelines for determining if a resource is acceptable; these are (Harris, 2007): •Credibility: Trustworthy source, credentials, and organizational support. •Accuracy: Information current, detailed, comprehensive, and gives the whole truth. •Reasonableness: Tells the whole story, objective and no conflict of interest. •Support: Sources of information is listed, contact information available, and documentation supplied. Another checklist available is the challenge, adapt, file, and evaluate (CAFÉ) checklist. The CAFÉ checklist is similar to the CARS checklist in function and purpose. The specific guidelines for determining the acceptability of a resource are (Harris, 2007): •Challenge: challenge, and demand accountability. Ask who created the resource and ask why the information was created. •Adapt: Adapt requirements for better quality of information. Require more credibility. •File: File information for further research rather than accepting it at face value. •Evaluate: Regularly evaluate and reevaluate to ensure information has not changed. The easiest way to ensure that a...
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