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Topics: Female, Male, Gender Pages: 5 (1992 words) Published: February 11, 2014
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English 102
13 April 2013
Through the Eyes of the People

Sports, Gender and Race in the eyes of the people have changed over the years. In the article, “Just Do… Sports, Bodies and Gender” by Michael Messner various facts and opinions are stated to contrast the differences between males and females when it comes to sports. Many people favor drastic conclusions when it comes to males and females involved in sports with no evidence backing it up. To back this up, Messner uses various examples throughout his article. It is also seen that he uses many other rhetorical tools to state his main points throughout the body paragraphs to make them stronger yet valid. His thesis is strong throughout the paper as he clearly ties it in throughout the article. While the article continues on, it leads to a comparison and contrast between males and females. However, as he ends he uses visuals to tie the paper all in together. This article is somewhat the same as making a sandwich. Therefore, Messner uses many common rhetorical tools to argue points of males and females in this article. That is why Micheal Messners work should be highly recommended to be used throughout UNM-Taos English 102 courses. It seems as though, when controversy comes along it is thought that males are better athletes than females. Males are known to have certain advantages. While females are seen to be at a slight disadvantage compared to them. This comparison has led to arguments all over the world and also in this article. With this in mind, both males and females have their own advantages when it comes to sports. It has become evident through this reading that the readers have the proper understanding of sports and the difference between males and females as Messner uses the comparison of race and gender to once again tie into the thesis. Overall, male and female sports are usually examined through their main characteristics: Gender and Race. Males and females tend to vary in many ways. Some ways more drastic than others, it is seen throughout the examples in this article as he combines them greatly with the argument. Messner has a repetitive analysis towards men when it comes to sports as the racial argument began. As seen in professional sports the main race of athletes is seemed to be African American as he somewhat states throughout his paper. Male athletics seem to be the most watched sports compared to female sports. It is stated that, “… those very few who do make it into the limelight—especially those in sports like football or boxing, that reward the most extreme large, powerful and violent male bodies”(Messner 737). This example expresses the few athletes that actually make it to play professional sports much less the very physical sports. It is also seen that males are targeted not only in that quote but by sports representatives all around the world. That is why people believe that males are more superior to females. This argument throughout his article seems to be the meat in the sandwich for a visual many can relate too. This point is made throughout the article as one of many examples based off this topic. As Messner continues with the article he adds on with more examples to thicken up some of his main points with this comparison and contrast (The extras such as lettuce, tomatoes, etc). In reality most believe that if a male can do it then a female can also do it considering we are all made equally. The fact that in the past males used to be in advantage to females due to the violent sports they once did but to thi day it has changed. What people do not also see is that back in the day, women were out hunting down the animals while the men stayed around their land for protection. Yet even with this, males are known for their strength and power but mentally women are known to be stronger. As Messner continues to compare and contrast, he expresses the differences between the races and the thoughts of the...
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