Female and Fairer Sex

Topics: Female, Gender, Male Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Do women need reservation? I mean do we need to say that we need a place equal to men. What can we gain by reservation? A few seats here and there, but what about the rule of equality. Males and female are born to be equal. Lets shun this fact that males are born to dominate. Males need to understand that without women their train of life would come to a halt. In fact, the entire life on earth would stop. God never sent us for this. Did He? No, not at all. Then why are we distinguishing between men and women. I think there should be no reservation, however, it should become a rule of law that equality prevails, with males and females on equal parameters. The fairer sex does not need reservation for marking its presence. Females, when got opportunities have shown that they are no less than males. Then, why such discrimination? Lets give our women equal opportunities as males. Lets not say that so and so seat is reserved for women, beyond which women cannot make entry. We have to break the shackles bounding us and not bound ourselves further in chains. If we are today fighting for mere 33% reservation,, and trust me Indian women are fighting very hard for this, then we will close all doors for us thereafter, for further enhancement in our power. We do not need merely 33% reservation. We need to be on a par with males, no matter what. However, seeing the state of affairs in India, I think reservation is a step toward women emanicipation, as it will become mandataory for the fairer sex to represent the country in parliament. It will also mean that at least 33% women representatives will be required to be part of parliament, facilitating the reivival of women impowerment.
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