Gender Pay

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  • Published : January 7, 2014
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This article is about an issue that has been around for years to decades and is still in debate as I type. This issue is called the Gender Pay Gap it dances or is attached with the federal Equal Pay Act which was signed on 1963 by John F. Kennedy which was part of his New Frontier Program. This year it marks fifty years since the signing of the Equal Pay Act. The purpose for the Equal Pay Act was to prevent discrimination of pay between males and females who are equally educated and skilled providing the same work output at the work site. The article states that on April 9th 2013, which is Equal Pay Day, states that a woman must work into 2013 to equal the pay amount of a man's earnings in 2012.

As a female works the Wage Project states or estimates on the average, a female's earnings will grant here approximately $10,000 less per capital year than of a male's and that adds up over the lifetime. The lifetime gap rounds to be an average of $700,000 for a high school graduate, more than $1 million for a college graduate, and about $2 million in unfair wage loss for a professional female graduates. The long-term effect is that female's will have a harder time in purchasing goods, health care, and other life needs. The pay gap will also cross into hardship in retirement and social security benefits for a female versus a male. Reading more into this topic I dug deeper and found out in another article that females make 77 cents for every dollar a male makes which is a 23 cent gap that females loose for doing the same job at a reduce pay.

This is a very interesting and shocking article that I tumbled into. I never knew that there was or is a pay gap for females to males. Females have it rough, imagine the times when there was no sexual harassment, males would take advantage of females without crime. Bad enough females would be harassed they would still get a pay cut? I feel for my relatives, friends, and family who are of the opposite sex because I know for a fact...