Greenhouse Effect

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  • Published : July 11, 2013
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Green House Effect is heating up of earth's atmosphere due to the trapping of intra-red ray. (reflected from the earth's surface) by the carbon dioxide layer in the atmosphere is called green-house effect. The green-house effect in the atmosphere occurs due to the presence of a blanket of carbon-dioxide gas in the atmosphere. This blanket of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere allows the sunlight to come in freely but does not allow the intra-red radiation reflected by the earth's surface to go out. It is just because the sun light can come in freely but the intra-red rays cannot go out freely that the temperature of earth's atmosphere is raised. The rise in temperature produce gas in the by green-house effect on earth's atmosphere depends on the amount of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere. In other words, the proportion of carbon dioxide in atmosphere effects the temperature of atmosphere. So, if the proportion of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere increases, than the temperature of earth's atmosphere will also rise further. What is Green House Effect ?

The name "Green-house effect" comes from the fact that this effect is use in horticulture for the up bringing of green plant's in small house made of glass walls and glass root. The green walls and roofs of a green-house allows the sun-light to come in freely but it does not allows the long wavelength infrared radiations reflected by the soil, plants and other contents of green house to go out. These trapped intra-red rays show their heating effect due to which the temperature is raised inside the green house. Thus, even without an external supply of heat, the temperature inside a green house is found to be higher than it is outside. Thus, green house acts as a heat trap. Due to the presence of carbon dioxide, our atmosphere acts like the glass rat of an ordinary horticultural green-house.