greenhouse gas effect essay

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  • Published : December 12, 2013
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Greenhouse Gas

The greenhouse gas effect is the number one blame for global warming. We could not live without the greenhouse effect. The main gases are ozone, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, methane, and water vapor. These reflected rays, called infrared radiation , keeps the atmosphere warm. They are vital in maintaining the balance in our atmosphere.

The greenhouse effect is mostly a result of the sunlight’s energy and the clouds that absorb and reflect heat. Without the greenhouse effect, earth would be less than 33 degrees Celsius cooler. Human activity increased the percentage of gas, which increased the temperature.

Population growth is one of the major causes. With the increase of population, the needs and wants increase. The more demands of the people, the more the industry has to help our needs. As the industry grows, so does the gas used to keep their work going.

The uses of electrical appliances are even a contributing factor. Even the humble refrigerator in the house emits gas, gas known as chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs) are used in fridges, as well as aerosol cans, foam in packaging, fire extinguisher chemicals, and cleaners. Everything we use effects the air we breathe.

Burning of fossils contributes too. Burning of fossil fuels, oils, coal, and gas, releases chemicals into the atmosphere. The most common fossil fuels are used in the industry business. Some of the gases can last longer in the air then others. The gases can increase global warming. These gases are not natural.

The man made cause of the greenhouse effect is deforestation. Due to the lack of trees, photosynthesis cannot take place. With the cutting down of trees the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases. The decay of the trees also causes the carbon to increase.

We need the greenhouse effect to live in our world successfully. Each factor can make up a balance that we have to survive. There is too much of a good thing though. That is why we...