How Has the Nature of Family Life Changed in Australia over the Past 50 Years and What Impact Has This Had on Australian Society ?

Topics: Gender role, Juvenile delinquency, Social psychology Pages: 3 (1026 words) Published: August 16, 2013
March 14 2013

How has the nature of family life changed in Australia over the past 50 years and what impact has this had on Australian society ?

Society and culture

The nature of family life in Australia's has changed over the past 50 years mainly due to advances in technology, changes in gender roles and also because of who has power and authority in todays modern families. As a result of these changes, Australia's society has been impacted in many ways. For example, there has been an increase in antisocial behaviour which affects the way society interacts. Children now have a voice and are encouraged to have opinions and a say in family life leading to better communication in within society and the family. There is now more equality between the sexes allowing empowerment for women in their family lives and work careers. Advances in technology: Advances in technology over the past 50 years have greatly affected the nature of family life and how they communicate. For example before the 70s parents communicated with their children either face to face or by pay phones which was very inconvenient but in 1973 when mobile phones went on the market, communication became much easier and parents now have an easier way of supervising their kids when separated and kids also feel secure in the knowledge that they can contact their parents whenever they need. Society as a whole can feel safer for example in emergencies, police, fire or ambulance can be called and the convenience of instant texts or quick calls has made living independently much easier. Computers on the other hand seem to have had a negative effect on family life, kids are spending too much time on the internet and playing video games unsupervised. This takes them away from interacting with their family as shown in 'The Telegraph' article 'Computer games make children anti social' a study found that when children play computer games their serotonin levels drop which can cause anti social behaviour...
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