How popular culture shaped me?

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  • Published : October 7, 2013
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How popular culture shaped me?
There are a variety of information sources providing updated news such as computer, television, newspaper, etc. Thus, people can receive these information everytime everywhere. It cannot be denied that most of the news that teenagers interested in is about “star news”. “Star news” is all information of famous stars which is not only about their albums, movies but also about their privacy. In my country- Viet Nam, “Hallyu Wave” is becoming the most popular culture what have a huge influence on lives of Vietnamese teanager. “Hallyu Wave” refers to the spread of Kpop and South Korean culture around the world such as Korean dramas, K-Pop music, Korean Cosmetics. As a teenager who love Korean culture very much, a part of my life was seriously affected by this “Hallyu Wave”. In terms of Kpop, I was very fond of a Korean boy band named Super Junior. This boy band is not only famous in Asian but also in lots of other countries like Italy, France, and America. When someone ask me why this is my favorite boy band. It reminded me about the time when I was depressed because of my disappointing study results as well as some family issues. The things that rescued and helped me to face and get over it was the songs this boy band brought me at that time. I started pay attention more to them. Moreover, I was very impressed by their nice appearances and senses of humour, that’s why I fall in love with them for nearly 4 years up to now.I used to have a habit that everyday when I wake up, I love listening to some of my favorite songs in their album to start my energetic and colorful life with my strongest enthusiasm. After school time, I am keen on searching some of their updated information. Even though it is just a minor part, i still do not want to miss it. Then, there are tons of gossip that is for girl fans like us to discuss with each other. In addition, I also love collecting some items related to my idol such as poster,...
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