is adware really malware

Topics: Malware, Pop-up ad, Adware Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: September 24, 2013
Is Adware really Malware?

Adware is software that creates popup advertisements without your permission. Adware usually gets installed by being a module of free software. Besides being annoying, adware can significantly decrease computer performance. Also giving a doorway to many more malware attacks. Adware is the least dangerous of malware but should not be overlooked. Adware can be described as software that is unwillingly uploaded to your computer or mobile device by browsing online applications. Adware can appear itself in the form of an advertisement or a disturbing pop-up that will persistently try and penetrate your session. Like malware or spyware, adware is usually downloaded without the user’s knowledge by attaching itself to the primary program you are choosing to run. The adware sticks itself to your computer and shows up when you run the freeware on your computer or mobile device. Adware is even able to break through your computer's basic security. Without a really strong anti-virus software, adware may install itself without the prior agreement of the user when you are browsing the internet. Adware was developed in order to create revenue through advertising for big company’s or to sell products. The adware that appears is the price you pay for when downloading free software. Companies usually offer the same software guaranteed without adware if you pay a fee for the downloaded program. This is very annoying but very effective. Adware affects your computer system and is able to slow down programs, delay loading and even be the cause of a crash. But the real danger of adware is its ability to obtain information about the user and create a full profile based on your web browsing actions you made while online. The advertisements then offered will be customized to your provisions, and then can result in more hostile adware threats.
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