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  • Published : November 14, 2013
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I believe there is no such thing as a single greatest achievement in life. I believe there are good things that people can do to please themselves for a short period of time, but a single achievement cannot keep people happy forever. Life is a battle, a battle for happiness, a battle to satisfy yourself and sometimes to satisfy those you love. My vision of a greatest achievement is to continually challenge yourself by setting goals until the day you die. Life is like a blessing in disguise. You must not take the gift for granted; you must live it to the fullest to be happy and to do so you cannot be happy with one single achievement. Throughout my short eighteen years of life, I have always done whatever I do to the best of my ability. I have achieved many goals, but I have also failed in many things. I have never given up on or quit anything in my entire life. Football has always been a very important aspect of my life and Lawrence Academy has one of the top teams in the state. Coming in as a freshmen I weighed 125 pounds, I was the lightest kid on the team. Nobody took me seriously and all the other freshmen did not even consider playing on JV a possibility. This was not the case for me I had the desire to beat the odds and achieve. I played hard every single play as my father had taught me to do. I beat kids for the starting spot that were almost twice my size and two years older then me. I was the only freshman to start on the JV team and I did it at 125 pounds and I was proud of what I had achieved. However, I was only happy with this accomplishment until the end of the season. I wanted to start varsity as a sophomore. I worked as hard as I could in the off-season. The season came around and things were looking promising to me. I was wrong, I was beat, I failed. I did not start on varsity my sophomore year. My great achievement freshmen year was in the past and it was a new time. My response to adversity was what would make or break my high school football...
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