Life Changing

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  • Published : April 24, 2009
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Six years ago an event took place in my life that I will never forget. It was a life changing event, something that I would never wish on anyone. I had my children taken away from me due to my ex-husband abusing me. I had just had my third little girl and thought that maybe this time things would get better. After each baby I secretly wished this. And for the first week or two things seemed to get better, but it always went back to the same old thing. He was always yelling for the smallest thing. Dinner wasn’t just so, I didn’t do enough laundry, or the house wasn’t cleaned the right way. He would come in from working or hanging out with friends, which he did more than work, and be on a rampage. I could tell within the first few seconds of him walking in how the night would be. I would try to always have a smile on my face and greet him so nicely hoping that would make things different that day. But it never did. I would try and hurry through dinner and baths with the kids so that I could put them in bed before things got too bad. I always tried to hide the fact that their father could be such a monster. They heard it all and sometimes saw him slap me across the face or push me against the wall with his face inches from mine, daring me to say anything. I would sometimes have enough and run to the phone, but he would always grab it and rip it from the wall. I finally had enough and went to visit my mom one day. That was the beginning to the worst event in my life. When I arrived at my mom’s I had a busted lip and a knot on my head. My mom had me fill her in on everything that had been going on. When I was done telling her she was furious! She told my stepfather everything and he wanted to know why I was still living with him. I explained to him that I just had another baby and could not figure out how I would manage taking of three children by myself financially. Where would we live? Where would I work? What...
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