Maybelline, Red Bull, Subway

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  • Published : June 7, 2013
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Maybelline, Red Bull, Subway
                In today’s society, advertising slogans have become attention getters that give the consumer reasons to buy their products. Advertisement slogans are used for everything from selling a car, or selling shampoo and to make a big juicy burger look more appealing. One way advertisers have made their ads big attention getter is by appealing to the consumer’s wants and needs.  The three popular advertisement slogans are below, and it will be explained how each of these three advertisements appeal to the consumer’s wants, needs and values.

My first example of an advertising slogan that appeals to the consumer’s wants, needs and values is a slogan by the women’s make-up company Maybelline. The advertising slogan the company uses is “Maybe she’s born with is. Maybe it’s Maybelline.” I find this slogan to appeal to many consumers wants, needs and values. The slogan suggests that their product will cause one’s peers to make her look beautiful and her peers will be enthralled by the consumers “natural” beauty. This could appeal to the consumers wants because many women want people to think they are beautiful and if the product could make them look naturally beautiful it would be that much more appealing. Society has pressed the idea that women need to be beautiful and will not be acceptable otherwise.

This could appeal to the needs of the consumer because the way society has constructed the idea of beauty. The consumer may feel they need this product in order to feel beautiful and get that husband, job or promotion. The product could also be seen as a need to the consumer because society makes them feel that beauty is a must and is much needed. It has been said that beauty is valued in society and many women feel pressured into doing whatever it takes to look their best. Maybelline’s slogan draws in many beauty seeking consumers and their product fulfills the consumer’s needs, wants and values. The second advertisement I...