Mice and Men - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 Mice and men

How does Steinbeck create tension in chapter 3?

Steinbeck creates tension in chapter 3 in numerous ways; he describes the layout and lighting of the rooms which gives the reader insight into the setting. He describes the conversations in the bunk house, the noise levels and the noises heard from outside again setting the scene. When Steinbeck sets the scenes he uses imagery as a meaning of description. He uses irony in his language, saying one thing or meaning another. He also goes into detail about the dialogue of the characters and the way they speak to one another. All of which creates tension in the chapter.

In the opening sentence of chapter 3 it says ‘Although there was evening brightness showing through the windows of the bunk house, inside it was dusk’ so this leads me to believe that the bunk house which is where this chapter is based, is a dark and damp place giving the reader a cold atmosphere, which is normal when an author wants to create tension using imagery.

Steinbeck creates tension in the same way later in the chapter, on page 46 ‘it was almost dark outside now’ this shows that it is getting darker outside, so it must be quite late at night, when it’s a dark atmosphere it creates tension as you know if you do go out side you won’t be able to see this puts the person in an alert state and your body and mind on stand by to react to something being out there. A darker atmosphere makes the scene tenser because you don’t know what’s going to happen.

This is a dialogue from slim; ‘God almighty that dog stinks. Get him outa here, Candy! I don’t know nothing that stinks so bad as an old dog.’ You imagine the smell of wet fur and how unpleasant that would be in a small space and how it could make you feel annoyed and highlight the tension which is already in the room. ‘You gotta get him out.’ Silm keeps on putting pressure to Candy about the dog, Silm keeps on complaining about Candy’s dog because he doesn’t like it....
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