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  • Published : July 28, 2013
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Far Eastern University
Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance

A Marketing Research on
Determining the Factors that Affect High School Graduating Students on Choosing a School

Submitted by:

Lugue, Nicole Anne S.
Aquilera, Anne Margarette R.
Corpuz, Kim Renzel C.
Gabay, Maria Ellaine M.
Gaza, John Ronel V.

Submitted to:

Professor Aristotle Chico
July 20, 2013

I. Statement of the Problem

1. Does price or tuition fee becomes a factor on choosing a particular school? On what price range does the target respondent afford in every 24-units semester?

2. What promotional tools can greatly influence the consumer in choosing a school? How do these tools affect the consumer’s behavior?

3. Does a school in a University Belt become a factor of preference on choosing?

4. What other criteria are considered by high school graduating students to be essential in choosing a school?

a. Quality Education of the school
b. Facilities
c. Security of the university or Safety
d. Popularity or Word of Mouth
e. School’s website
f. Environment
g. Sectarian

II. Research Objectives
❖ To be able to learn and determine on which marketing mix should universities and colleges would focus and improve more on satisfying their target consumers which are the incoming freshmen students.

❖ Awareness of the determinants on choosing a school or university and how these factors can be a big help on consumer’s mind on finding their desired school

❖ To know how every marketing mix creates a positive or negative word-of-mouth to consumers’ behavior on choosing a school.

❖ To know what is the most and the least factors that affects high school graduating students on choosing their school nowadays.

III. Significance of the Study:

A. Consumer:
a. Students – To know if their chosen college or university has the following factors and variables that will help them to be comfortable in studying and offering them more creative approaches to learning.

b. Parents – In order for them to know if their child is in the right college or university that will suit their standards. Also to know if their child is compensating the right service and knowledge that the school must acquire having the principle of Cost vs. Benefit.

B. Establishments – To know what factors and variables must be improved in order to capture the eyes of the consumer. This will also help them to increase the number of enrollees if they are able to develop the following factors and variables in order to have a comfortable studying for the students and by giving them the right to have a good service education.

C. Society –This will tell if our colleges and universities all over the country have the factors and variables that will suit the standards of right education for the students. Also this will tell if our society has increased its standard for education that will help the students to grow more. In addition, this study will help the different sectors for Education by having the reasons on what factors and variables must be improved in order to have a good service education in our country.

IV. Introduction

a. Review of Related Studies or Literature

According to Sir Ken Robinson, an English author, college or professionalism had changed in many ways over the years. From the first one room school houses to charter schools and homeschooling, schools attempt to change in order to offer more and educate children to the fullest extent. One reason on making us researchers think of a way on how to know the best way to attain consumers’ preference on choosing such.

Entering college especially in the Philippines has been a factor of social class, job requirement and many more. It is told to be a right of every person; a right which are equal to getting a food and a proper home to go to college....
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