One Stair Up

Topics: Comedy, Metaphor, Film Pages: 2 (846 words) Published: March 2, 2015

The text under analysis is an extract from the novel “One stair up” by the Scottish novelist Campbell Nairne, the author of two books "One Stair Up" (1932) and "Stony Ground" (1934), who wrote about Scottish working class families in a realistic manner. The subject matter of this extract is a visit to the cinema. The extract depicts the man Andrew and woman Rosa who visited a cinema and had different views on the film that they had seen due to their diverse perception. That was the reason of developing of the conflict between them. The action took place in the 20th century. The type of presentation is straight narrative and has one flashback in the end. The story is told by the 3rd person narration to be objective, but also there is the 1st person narration in represented speech. The extract is written in emotional and ironical key. The type of narration can be described as an account of events, there are a lot of descriptions, for example description of the cinema in the beginning of the exract. There are some dialogs, but inner monologs prevail and a bit of portraiture. The exposition begins when Rosa and Andrew come to the cinema. Here the author uses simile – “carpet of some green material that yielded like springing turf” to underline the luxury of the cinema. Such epithets like “voluptuous stillness”, “hot darkness”, “chocolate uniform” shows the atmosphere of the cinema. inversion – “Back in this dim region of luxury, quite still except for the soft whirring of fans they could hear a tea-spoon chink…”, metaphor – “a voice rise above another voice and sink”, “a man’s face came surprisingly out of shadow”, metonymy – “several faces glared at them”, periphrases – “dim region of luxury”, All these devices are used to show the first impression of the main characters from the cinema and emphasize the atmosphere of the luxury. The knot of intrigue starts with Rosa's question “This a comedy?”. In this part the author describes the personalities...
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