Process Of Shoe Manufacturing

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  • Published : June 14, 2014
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Process of Shoe Manufacturing
1. Product Development:
The development is the process of designing new styles of shoes or adapting existing or previous ones and then specifying the materials and components, detailing the materials and processes to be followed in order that the styles of shoes can be produced in bulk and then satisfies the needs of consumer when purchased. 2. Designing and Pattern Cutting:

According to the samples of shoes, design or requirement of the customer the model last is selected by the shoe designers then patterns are developed and sample shoe is manufactured in the sampling room under the supervision of the shoe designer by the craftsmen/artisan. When the samples are approved by the buyer/customer the patterns are graded by hand or machines in required sizes and handed over to the production division for manufacturing the shoes. The designers also specify the materials required for making the shoes. 3. Clicking/ Components Division:

The components are clicked by hand or machine by the clicker then checked and marked by hand or by stamping machine. The upper and lining components are skived according to the manufacturing process. The 35 reinforcement materials as per requirement/design are also attached with upper components.

4. Upper Closing:
The upper components which are skived are folded by hand, punched and perforated if required then temporarily attached and permanently stitched. The Lining components are also attached with the uppers then Eyelets/Elastic/Buckles etc. are fitted as per design and excess Lining material is trimmed on top edge of the quarters then upper are cleaned and checked by the superior. The uppers are ready for lasting next operation. 5. Lasting, Making and Finishing:

Lasting in the shoe making is to pull the upper over the last. The Toe puffs and stiffeners are fitted between upper and lining, and then mulling operation is done to soften the uppers. Then upper is lasted on insole which was...
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