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  • Published : February 11, 2014
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Life is rarely, if ever, fair. It pushes you around, then kicks you while your down. With all the heartbreak and disappointment life dishes out, there is one thing life did not bring upon us: racism. Racism, one of the deadliest diseases ever to roam the face of the earth, is one of the few inequities that man itself has created. Racism is the plague of the earth, brought on by only pure hatred. Why is it, with everything life already brings upon us, that we can't all put aside the color of our skin?

Not all people are racist. However, before we can have the chance to live in a world empty of racial hatred, we need to stop the "well, it's not my fault." Granted it may not be your fault, what are you doing to stop it? By putting the blame others, your are adding to the problem. The biggest problem America has is not racism itself, but the people who stand by and let it continue. Bystanders only make the situation worse instead of helping those involved. You cant blame others for racism until you yourself have done everything in your power to stop it.

Racism kills and at the same time saves people. It could kill you, imagine how it would hurt you in ways you never thought it could. You would be disadvantaged and become a victim on society. But in another point of view, at the same time racism could save you, because through all the discrimination and hatred, you become bigger, better and stronger than those hurting you.

Everywhere you go, everywhere you look, there is always going to be someone different. American society focuses on the differences rather than the similarities of people. Before racism can be ever be rectified, people must realize that racism is everyones fault and can therefore only be cured by a joint effort. Maybe there will be a day when racism won't be as bad, but its never going away, and until that day we need to, as a whole, work together to stop this absurd hatred.