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1)_____ Long-term weather trends associated with a particular setting or location, for example arid conditions downwind of a large mountain range Answer: e
2)_____ Study of the global-scale connections between atmosphere, oceans, biosphere, climate, and the Earth Answer: a
3)_____ Computer simulations designed to predict changes in the atmosphere and in the Earth’s climate Answer: c

4)The persistent trend of increasing temperatures over three decades is an indication that global warming is really happening. What was the warmest decade since temperatures have been recorded? a) the 1990s

b) the 1980s
c) the 1970s
d) the 1960s
e) the 1950s
Answer: a
5)Which of the following is an example of carbon-dioxide sequestration? a) smoke-stack emissions
b) the injection of carbon dioxide into subsurface geologic reservoirs c) the reversal of global warming
d) scrubbing carbon dioxide out of power-plant emissions
e) emissions trading
Answer: b

6)The carbon-dioxide content in the Earth’s atmosphere before 1500 A.D. was between 200 and 300 ppm. The carbon dioxide content today is about 450 ppm. Which single historical development can be blamed for this increase? a) the invention of agriculture

b) the Industrial Revolution
c) the American Revolution
d) splitting of the atom
e) the election of George Bush
Answer: b

7) Which of the following is a major effect of El Niño:
a) heavy rains along the western coast of South America
b) droughts in California
c) increased tooth decay
d) global warming of the Earth
e) widening of the ozone hole
Answer: a

8)The “atmospheric window”:
I. allows part of Earth’s back-radiation to escape into space II. is a seasonal hole where stratospheric ozone is reduced to near zero III. Is a gap in the atmospheric absorption spectrum, between the

absorption dominated by water vapor and carbon dioxide
a) I only
b) II only
c) I and III
d) II and III
e) I, II, and III
Answer: c

9) The effect of sulfate aerosols in the earth’s atmosphere is to: a) cause El Niño weather patterns
b) cool global climate
c) destroy ozone
d) warm global climate
e) decrease precipitation
Answer: b

10)Constant energy input to a physical object will heat it up. Eventually it will reach a temperature that will cause it to: a) radiate heat energy all the time
b) radiate heat energy at the same rate it receives energy
c) absorb heat energy all the time
d) stop absorbing energy from the source
e) radiate heat energy at a rate greater than its energy input Answer: b

11)During the last two million years or so, the climate of the Earth has: a) been very nearly constant
b) swung sharply both up and down in temperature
c) slowly decreased in humidity
d) slowly increased in temperature
e) seen a steady decrease in precipitation worldwide
Answer: b
12)Global-scale wind currents are produced by:
a) the tilt of the Earth
b) gravity
c) differential heating of the Earth by the Sun
d) the Coriolis effect produces high and low pressure systems e) ocean currents
Answer: c

13)Which of the following is a plausible argument that burning fossil fuels may not lead to severe global warming: a) conversion from oil to alternative energy may quickly reduce CO2 in the atmosphere b) average global temperature during the last 100 years actually has declined by 0.5°C c) melting glaciers may increase the Earth’s albedo

d) rising global sea level will reduce gasoline consumption e) various negative feedbacks may reduce the effects
Answer: e
14)Which of the following appears to contribute to global cooling and not to warming? a) aerosols
b) methane
c) chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
d) carbon dioxide
e) nitrous oxide
Answer: a

15)Which of the following...
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