Social psychologist Amy Cuddy talked about

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  • Published : June 2, 2014
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Social psychologist Amy Cuddy talked about “your body language shapes who you are” which is filmed by TEDGlobal on Jun 2012. For people who want to watch this speech, you can watch it on In this essay I will criticize this speech in three parts. First, i will look at her delivery in two parts such as physical and vocal delivery then, move on to audio-visual aids which are used by her. Finally, I will check her attention-getting techniques.

Let’s start with delivery. As physical delivery she is perfect. Her appearance is good. Her dress is not too much fancy. This is good thing because if it was fancy it distracts easily people attention. Even it is hard to check from camera, her eye-contact seems good. Seems like, she watch every part of the hall. As seen she is moving a little bit to maintain attention. Since we are talking about a person who is talking about body language, there is no need to talk about her gestures and posture. As expected, she shows that listen to me I know what I am talking about. Her vocal delivery is good. Even if she is not singer her volume is good and she is controlling her volume perfectly. Also, her speech is fluency even if there are some tongue slips such as when she is saying beautiful at the start. In general, her speech delivery is perfect.

Let’s move on to the audio-visual aids. At her speech she is showing one video, lot of photos and some graphics. As known visual aids increase the audience’s understanding. Video, photos and graphics which are used in speech are relevant to topic and also her sign posts are good. Sometimes she is showing just a sentence. In order word, she is emphasizing the important points. In addition, between two slides projector is using as a helper. What I mean is that while she is not using the projector, her camera image is shown so people who are sit behind can see her easily. This is very good strategy. Generally,...