Summary of Letter to His Son & the Last Leaf

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  • Published : September 10, 2013
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Summary of "Letter to His Son"
In this letter Robert E. Lee addresses the difficult decision he faces as the country approaches a war that will pit the states against each other. The most respected officer in the United States Army, Lee explains that despite his strong belief in the Constitution, and in preserving the Union, his strongest loyalty is to his home state of Virginia. He expresses his willingness to take up arms to defend his state. The letter illustrates Lee's dignity, loyalty, and bravery. The Last Leaf by Oliver Wendell Holmes

The last leaf is about an old man that already lose his friends \'cause their time had already came and that man was left like the last leaf on the tree.And Oliver Wendell Holmes compares himself to that man.If he will be like him,he want to see the other smiling than to be alone and left behind. This poem is about a man who walks through life alone. He is the last of his kind because he has outlived his generation. He stands out because he wears the same clothes that were in style when he was younger. The author \"sits and grins\" because this man is out of place, but he also portrays a good deal of respect for the man, speaking about what he had once been. The author concludes by saying that if he were to be the \"last leaf upon the tree, In the spring,

Let them smile, as I do now,\".
Similies used ny Holmes are:
A.) The man's cheek was like a "rose in the snow" this could mean three things. 1.)Roses are red amd signify passion. This would be the passion of youth in contrast to the show. Snow being the current wan(pale)demeanor of the old man. 2.) It could represent the nature of youth. It will fade. A rose set in the snow can do nothing but wither away. 3.) OR on a different tangent, the one I lean toward, it could be a symbol of perseverance. This man shouldn't still be here, much like a rose should not sitll be thriving in the snow. B.) The man's nose is "like a staff"

1.)This is a reflection on his WHOLE self...