the dreamer

Topics: Racial segregation, Racism, Belief Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: March 25, 2014
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Elsie Baffo
ENG 112 003
Prof. Joanna Sit
Feb 20, 2014

Mother – Son Relationship In Flannery O’Connor’s story “Everything That Rises Must Converge,” he demonstrates the conflicting relationship between Julian and his mother. This conflicting relationship is caused by their contradicting views on not only racism, but also superficiality because Julian’s mother thinks society should be racially segregated and Julian believes in equality of people no matter their race. Julian’s mother thinks the way she looks will make her a better person. Julian, on the other hand, thinks this superficiality simply does not matter.she relies on custom and tradition for her moral sensibility, claiming that “how you do things is because of who you are.” She is also fiercely loyal to those whom she identifies as part of her proud tradition, especially her son. Julian’s mother may also represent the typical woman who, due to the actual environment and social change, follows the belief systems of segregation. She is a widow mother who “had struggled fiercely to feed and clothe and put him through school and who was supporting him still, ‘until he got in his feet. Her attitudes as a mother seem to be like those of any other mother who loves her son and struggles to give him what he deserves. However, this attitude is also comprised with her conservative ways which is her belief that society should racially segregated. On the other hand, In Junot Diaz’s memoir “The Dreamer” Diaz emphasizes about the struggles his mother faced as a young woman. The mother - son relationship between Diaz and his mother is an interesting relationship because he considers his mother to be an inspiration and determination to fulfill her dreams. Although she didn’t become what she dreamed for, she was able to help his son become a good writer.
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