Title IX: What A Joke

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  • Published : January 16, 2014
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When most people think about Title IX they only think about the positive effects it has had on women's sports. Most people don’t consider the negative effects it has, especially on male sports. Title IX was created to outlaw discrimination in educational programs and activities. Title IX is not supposed to enforce strict gender quotas, but that is what’s happening and many programs are losing funding.

A three prong system was set up to make sure schools comply with Title IX. To be in compliance with Title IX schools have to meet the requirements of at least one prong. Schools could have an equal number of girls sports to guys sports based on enrollment, show a history of expansion for programs of the underrepresented sex, or they could show that their programs meet the interest of the underrepresented sex. The first prong however is the only one that can actually be measured so most schools lean towards that to avoid lawsuits. This can be very destructive for mens sports. Across the nation a majority of schools have an enrollment of nearly 60 percent women so they try to ensure that around 60 percent of student athletes are women.

As you can guess schools are having a very tough time trying to meet the regulations of Title IX. Many mens programs are having to reduce their rosters or they are just being cut all together. A 2007 study conducted by the College Sports Council showed that men’s sports are down 17 percent since Title IX went into effect, and the number of male athletes has dropped 6 percent.

Also Title IX has not been all good for women. Title IX has affected the opportunities for women negatively as well. When Title IX brought more funding to women’s sports it also brought a much higher interest in coaching women. As a result of Title IX there are becoming fewer and fewer women coaches. Before Title IX over 90 percent of women’s college sports teams were coached by women. After Title IX only 43 percent of women's teams are are coached by women,...