To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

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  • Published : March 4, 2014
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In society people view things differently from one person to another. In To Kill a Mockingbird kids are used to show things in society with a different perspective. It shows how children can be naïve and also innocent.

In the beginning of the book Scout is an innocent little girl, unaware of all the corruptness in society. One day Scout hears some of the citizens of Maycomb, sneering at how the Finches would let the whole country side get raped. Scout tried to ask Calpurnia about rape, but Scout forgot to. So, Scout decides to ask Atticus what rape means. He describes it as carnal knowledge of a female by force and without consent. Being a child she is innocent, and doesn’t know, or understand the vulgar words. Another example of this is cursing. Scout learns cursing from school and starts using it in front of adults, not knowing that it’s inappropriate to use that language, unless in a situation when needed.

Being children means they are also naïve. After court, when Tom Robinson is convicted, Scout doesn’t understand how he could have been convicted, when all the evidence pointed towards him being innocent. She doesn’t understand that during her time, black people are viewed very low. Also, she thought that her nice little town in Alabama was perfect and full of honest good hearted people, but now she sees the flaws in society and how they can be cruel and dishonest.

To Kill a Mockingbird shows how society’s aspects can be seen differently. Children are innocent and unaware to the flaws and issues with the human race, such as rape or cursing. They are also naïve, they think that things are fair, equal, and things are perfect, but unaware that in their time African-Americans are discriminated. Kids don’t see the flaws and dishonesty of their society.