To Kill a Mockingbird Essay Structure

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee, African American Pages: 3 (690 words) Published: November 24, 2013
When writing a discussion response we begin by stating our position on the issue then consider both sides of the argument within the body of the essay. We must give reasons and examples for adopting the point of view on the topic. A standard format for completing a text response essay follows this procedure. Introduction: should restate the name of the text and what the topic is asking and the way that you will answer the question. You may be asked to give a reasoned point of view on the topic. Give a brief statement about your point of view. Body: this includes several organised paragraphs, (four or five) discussing main ideas that support your response to the question. It should contain detailed reference to the text through use of quotes and examples. Conclusion: Doesn’t introduce new ideas. Sums up your position on the question synthesising your arguments/ideas Follow the T.E.E.L. format to help structure your essay:

T. for Topic Sentence, E. for Example, E. for explanation, L. link to the topic sent. & the question. TOPIC SENTENCE: begin with a topic sentence that focuses on a key idea you have formed in response to the question. Some key ideas you can explore on this question are explored as topic sentences below. 1. The responses to the death of Tom Robinson from Atticus differs greatly to most of the citizens of Maycomb. 2. The economical and cultural status of Maycomb makes it extremely difficult for individuals to display open acts of heroism. 3. The attitude of the Maycomb citizens towards African Americans reveal unjustified acts of racial intolerance. Task: essay plan.

Take one idea and form a topic sentence for the start of your body paragraph 1. EXAMPLE: Then give an example from the text.
Here are 3 examples that you could use.
1. Tom Robinson just ran like a mad man, he was shot 17 times. 2. Mayella was never going to be able to display just how heroic she could have been. 3. A mob from Old Sarum was gathering in response to Tom...
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