What is system analysis

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1. What is system analysis?

For me, system analysis is the study of data-processing needs of a business or department, together with recommendations for specific hardware and software installations, and to determine how hardware and software to perform task.

2. What is the importance of this subject to our field?

As a future computer engineer or a developer we must know what system analysis is, because someday, some of us would become a system analyst in a company. The importance of it, we learn all about how to design or develop a new system, solve challenging computer related problems and integrate systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

3. What are the foundations needed in studying system analysis?

Computer Engineering and even other courses has a curriculum to follow. For us, before we get through in system analysis we should take subjects like Data structures and OOP which is both programming subjects. I think the best foundation is you have a skill in programming and to be easy for you to do a system. Computer professionals with skill set are needed. Through hands on experience integrating systems and even designing software applications.

4. What have you learned after taking this subject?

I’ve learned how to do a system. While I am taking this subject we did a system which is online system of a business which indicated all about the company. I learned what are the softwares needed and even what is programming language what we are going to use and data base and analyzing what are the problems. On that, I learned how to use other programming languages, web hosting and web designing. You’ll be prepared to ensure that system analysis has the capacity and capabilities needed to meet present and future requirements as a developer or computer engineer.

5. How can you apply or use your knowledge in system analysis to your OJT? .
On this stage, I am going to have an OJT by this coming summer and I am lucky because the company...
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