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The life in a hostel is different from life at home. At home, sometimes it becomes different to frame suitable timetable of studies. There are relatives or guests visiting frequently and making the atmosphere of home quite unfit for serious studies. In such situation hostel-life seems to be boon for a student. Far from his/her home, he/she finds all facilities that are essential for sound studies in a hostel. Hence, hostel life is welcomed by most of the students.

Hostel is a place where students are given proper environment for all round development resulting in good careers. Living in a hostel students have to follow its general rules and regulations which are meant to make their life regular and punctual, the basic needs of success. They are taught to be self dependent. Hostel life makes the students competitive. They do hard labour in company of their room-partners and accordingly dream for bright future. They support each other by sharing their joys and sorrows.

But hostel life has many drawbacks. Students coming for the first time to a hostel, find entirely new atmosphere. Sometimes they misuse the freedom, they get in the hostel. They begin to smoke and at times, even drink. Studies become secondary for them. Such students must not be sent to hostels. Instead they should live under parental care.

Research Question
* How does hostel life effects on students?

Literature Review

Is a mini world where young people rub their shoulders with one another and learn how to live affectionately like brothers and sisters crossing the narrow domestic barriers how to help others, how to adjust to odd situations, how to respect others culture, religions, languages and above all how to take decision in typical and difficult situations of life so as to make oneself self dependent in life to come.


The purpose of this report is to find out the ways how the hostel life effects on students. By searching from the internet and...
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